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Back in the days when I exited a local agency job and tried to find some freelance, my first projects were completed for just a few dollars. But in time my clientele increased significantly with all of the previous clients returning for more collaboration, and always with more than positive feedback.

However, I wanted to also give a shot at working in a company, so I accepted an offer to join a Canadian company ‘’Katipult’’, as an UI/UX designer. The whole cooperative approach to design is quite fragmentary, with not enough room for self-expression and progress, so I decided to dedicate my work fully to freelancin

While exiting the cooperative side of design, I invented a new approach to completing projects, which I successfully implemented in my designs, and increased my abilities as a self-made designer. My style is a hand-crafted design! I was fascinated by the human-centred approach towards design on the ‘’SaaS’’ platforms, where I’m currently regularly solving design problems. 

There I had also successfully completed more than 150 projects while simultaneously developing and perfecting my own style of design. In my spare time, I am a big fan of fishing and hip-hop music.

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