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Help businesses grow by making their pay per click ad budgets work harder than ever before.

Agency, Advertise, Marketing
Project Duration
4 Weeks
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Whole Team (2)
Startup Owner, Project Manager,
Design team (me)
My RolLE (4)
UX Analyse
UI Design (Landing Page)

The Client

At Coconut Digital, we want to solve the biggest problem in PPC: getting the best return on your ad spend.

We manage both big-budget accounts from large multinationals as well as lean, results-focused accounts for small to medium-sized companies.
And we consistently increase ROI - often by as much as 300%.

The Challenge

Understanding the needs of the users and the market. Implementation of all gathered data. Creating all background stories (storytelling) that satisfy the needs of the market, but also that of the client.

Creating layouts and directing them towards conversion. Choosing the adequate visual form. Creating a unique style of illustrations. Responsive design – design that is adjusted to different screens.


Learning About Our Users

This project represents a perfect example how each client should approach the UI Design project if they desire to be successful! Client gathered and prepared all of the necessary documentation: user research, market research, and user personas. I easily put together all of the conclusions and started with the sketches and the idea making process.


Wasting money on clicks

Wasting money on clicks, not feeling like they are getting as much ROI as possible.

SOLUTIONS: A style which gives confidence and strength to the users, but also instils certainty and shares a textual message in the correct way! Illustrations as a model of identification with the website, but also as an aspect of personification and connection.


Lack of knowledge

Not having someone knowledgeable to manage campaigns.

SOLUTIONS: The entire design should be very narrowly oriented. Also quite professional, smart and reliable.


To find expert but not for the full-time

Not having time or expertise in-house and doesn't want to bring someone full time and not have enough work for them.

SOLUTIONS: Showing the expertise, and why we are where we are currently. Properly distributing the appropriate content throughout the page. Hierarchy of elements.


Designer and
copywriter - teamwork!

We defined the style by forming a moodboard and a few trial sketches.

The first example of a layout was very scarce. We were later joined by a copywriter whose work relied solely on the style itself, and in a creative sense, the whole project was a harmony between him and me.

We based the whole story on problem solving, and everything our client target group encountered. The style follows this and in a way, the illustrations are a call to action of “problem solving”.

It’s an amazing feeling when you see your design live! After a lot of difficulties while implementing the design (in the code), the result came in last! What I would call the result of this project was definitely teamwork. When everyone gives their maximum, the result cannot be left out. This was confirmed by the comments of satisfied new clients.

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