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4 - 5 months
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The Client

Featured is an app that assists product owners to engage with their customers directly to gain feedback and collate feature requests. This allows for effective growth and development of key features - around user wants, and not what product owners think they want.

The Challenge

Engaging users with the products that they use is very small, especially with small startups. A lot of them have problems with negative feedback via the app store. Also, the churn rate of users is very big!

Creating an app which could integrate itself through an already existing app or a website – your private customer support? Creating a place where the users will leave comments. Devising and simplifying the user flow. Adjusting the whole app to mobile devices.


Learning About Our Users

Any beginning is hard. Whether we are building a house, or a digital product, its foundation must be firm. That is the basis of everything. In the first phase I begun to analyse in great detail all the data that the client had gathered. By his facial expression it seemed like there was a substantial amount of it, and I was quite right.

In fact, 30 documents needed to undergo a thorough analysis, followed by my head-dive in google sheets and coming up with conclusions. The conclusions were as follows:


Negative reviews and grades on Google/App stores

You will often see Google/App stores being flooded with negative grades and reviews. They play a key role in determining a quality of a specific product, therefore the negative effect of overwhelming negative reviews is not
surprising. Even after a couple of negative comments, the users tend to avoid a specific product.

SOLUTIONS: The owners of those products need a system of grading/reviewing which will not be linked with Google or Apple store.


Enormous churn rate

Many app owners complain about the fast rate at which their users stop using a specific app. The assumption is that one of the main reasons is the lack of communication between the product and its user.

SOLUTIONS: Customer reviews need to be sorted. It is necessary to sort the reviews by the needs and requests of the individual users.


Poor interrelation between a product and its users

Often enough the users feel the need to be identified with a specific product in order to use it. But also quite often that need is dismissed due to the complicated process of leaving a grade or a review in a form of a comment.

SOLUTIONS: Simplifying the entire process of the user connecting with the product in ‘’just a few clicks’’.

Brand Identity & Logo

Sometimes the idea for a good branding happens quite quickly. But often enough, that does not seem to be the case. Exhausting brainstorming and sketching starts usually in a notepad, then transferring it on a digitaldevice (IPAD), then narrowing the choices down to usually 6 best ideas. The colours add a special final touch, and complete the final look of the logotype.

For example: In a particular case, idea number 4 was something that fit best with one client’s requests and wishes. The logo of that idea was symbolized with a cloud, a button, and an arrow for positive feedback. Thoughts and emotions that I wanted to evoke: Happy, Engaging, Casual, Modern, Future. Emoji was added as a small detail of personification, and adding human characteristics to the logo. The trick is to make it simple, but engaging. The logo looked good in every size!

After the logo is agreed upon, everything else is pure enjoyment. From branding to illustration, to finishing with the logo animation. This is why I love this job! You are continuously surprised with each logo request. Not always in a positive way, but still, a surpise is a surprise! :D

Logo Animation

The animation tells quite clearly a story of the entire brand. Typography illustrates an important link, and is a crucial element later used in many visual solutions.

Website together with the illustrations!

Landing page is always the best incentive for conversion! Illustrations are always a uniquely creative solution.

For example: Balloons as a symbol of the product, creativity. Sky as a symbol of freedom and improvement. Feedture is a fuel which runs your product, your balloon helps him fly and win the market!

POV, How Might We, User Flows

The sentence which represents the ‘’point of view’’ of everything we have managed to gather and learn through user research:

The above quote was the basis for asking the following questions starting with ‘’How can we?’’, which helped in our idea making process:

  • How can we create a place of good communication between a product owner and a potential user?
  • How can we improve their communication, and which factors influence the establishing of the high quality communication?
  • How can we make the entire process easily accessible?
  • How can we make the entire process simple?
  • How can we monetize the whole Feedture app?

We have divided the entire app in a few bigger parts, then formed the general MVP with a few main functionalities, and finally started with the idea making process and combining it with user flows for each of those segments.

Add Feedback workflow
Add product workflow
login / sign up workflow
Own Profile workflow
Dashboard workflow

Application Design, Wireframes, Mockups!

Our Initial plan was to create a low fidelity wireframs, and afterwards transfer them to high fidelity versions with more details where we would also complete the first testing’s.

The biggest challenge was creating an interface where the user would feel comfortable in! Which he would consequently use with joy, and through it could satisfy all his or her needs and wishes. The emphasis should always be on the improvement of the whole user experience!

The results were quite satisfying! The client was positively overwhelmed! At that point I was still a bit sceptic, because I knew that testing is still yet to follow. After a few completed phases, we transferred onto adjustment of the whole app with the mobile device users.

Usability Testing and

It was always interesting to me as a designer, to see how other people react to a design I created. In this specific case, the users already passed a specific flow, completed a task and answered some of the questions we presented them with. Quite simple, yet fundamental testing (due to the lack of time) turned out to be surprisingly useful! The changes were then implemented, and with them the user experience improved even more!

01. Dasboard - BEFORE
02. task feed - BEFORE

It is truly an unbelievable feeling when you complete a similar project starting from scratch! After a few months of exhausting work, everything is ready to be coded, and the effort has been payed off! MVP is finished with the entire branding and marketing website. The main goal has been fulfilled. Feedture definitely became a platform which connects small businesses with their users, increases the savings, and improves the communication between them!

What I learned: To definitely not hurry with design, and if possible, invest much more time in testing!

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