Launch your marketing career for free or find marketing talent on any budget — fully remote.

SaaS, Email marketing, Startup
Project Duration
2 - 3 months
Whole Team (7)
Co-Founder & Owner,
Design Lead,
UI Designer - Dejan Baric (me),
Front End Divelopers (3),
QA Engeneer
My RolLE (4)
UX Analyse
UI Design (Website)

The Client

GenM started with the belief that anyone, anywhere, should be able to get the skills and experience they need to start their career without barriers like price, schedule, or location getting in their way.
GenM gives you tools, support, and mentorship you need to launch your dream career.

The Challenge

Establishing better conversion in both services which this platform offers – strengthening the practical abilities of students, and finding talents within the companies. Implementing the use of photographs for a more personal connection with the users, and the use of illustrations as an important step in the process of accessing the platform.

Creating a unique visual style, designing illustrations from scratch, and their use in transferring a specific textual message (storytelling). Redesigning the already developed design.


Learning About Our Users

Considering the fact that the client already had a functioning design of their operative website, all the materials provided were certainly of great use. The entire project was specifically focused on the user interface. Through a series of many conversations (within the company), as well as consulting with the previously developed material, the conclusions were as follow:


Low number of talents on the market

Kompanije vode mucne procesu u pronalazenju ljudi (talenata) na trzistu rada. Visemesecne borbe sa konkurentima. Predugacak i skup proces.

SOLUTIONS: Pojednostvniti pristupanje celoj platformi. Nekoliko poziva na akciju na svim stranicama, fokus na konverziju. Puzdanost i sigurnost!


The struggle of finding a workplace experience for students

The students are being faced with difficulties in gaining a workplace experience after graduation. Many of them are burdened with spending, and investing their time in securing a befitting workplace practice.

SOLUTIONS: Raising the focus towards the conversion of true talents. Explaining clearly all the steps of accessing the platform, and making
them interesting.


The trend of global hiring

The trend of global hiring started even before Covid. Yet today, many companies are switching to a “remote” work system model. It means cheaper work force, and a wider selection of quality experts.

SOLUTIONS: Emphasizing the advantages of online work system model, and effectively tackling all the prejudice towards it. It is imperative that it’s made interesting for both companies and their employees.

Web design,  illustrations with photos!

The tactics of the entire project was the following:

  • Using pictures as an element of user-platform identification
  • Introducing the steps towards accessing the platform for both target groups through the use of illustrations
  • Replacing the stock pictures with authentic photography, after the initial design and testing
  • Applying the pictures of the already existing users (which we didn’t have in the initial phase)

The Results, What I

The communication between me and the design leader was continuously declining after the initial successful start. Unfortunately this project did not have a happy ending. Surprisingly enough, I was the only remote employee in the company which was not “remote friendly”. Even despite all of my hard efforts, the time difference was posing as a real problem, and the project was terminated in the end. This is something that all of us go through at least once in our careers, therefore I think it is perfectly acceptable to talk about those experiences as well.

What I Learned: Even though this is seemingly a sad story, it really isn’t. I have learned quite a lot from this! Sometimes even when you think you are trying your hardest, you discover that you could have tried even more. In the end, teamwork is one of the most important aspects of creating a design that the users will love, with achieving the business goal.





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