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Design, Art, Marketing, Startup
Project Duration
4 - 6 weeks
Whole Team (2)
Startup Owner, Project Manager,
Design team (me)
My RolLE (4)
UX Research
UX Design
UI Design
Landing Page Design

The Client

Innnspire was founded by a collective of art directors & designers who believed there was something missing in the digital sphere of design. Our mission is to collect, organize and display the world’s best web / mobile / branding concepts in order to inspire your next project.

The Challenge

Platform for talented designers that lack popularity/influence in the design community. Shifting the focus of the designs towards their quality, since most platforms favour old users. Simplifying the interface, and focusing on the projects.

To become a household name amongst designers. Space would always changing. Where you could sit for hours and absorb the essence of art, science, and emotion. A chamber of inspiration. Design challenges page. Increasing the premium paid membership deals.


Competitors research, luck of testing

After the initial several workshops, this tactic was defined. The client envisioned, that this project should be finished before the testing usability phase. This idea did not sit well with me, because this could be fatal for the budget, and also for some steps that come after in the development phase. We did not have any budget for testing, but this project had an enormous potential.

Since I’m also a part of the target group, have a non-stop communication with my designer colleagues, and know all of our “pain points”, I proposed that the beginning phase should only be focused on the analysis of our competition. I would single out the following platforms:



Pros: Very simple and fast posting of all projects and works. Rapid construction of a quality portfolio – with a short timeframe. The biggest benefit of the platform is to be able to search for designers using different filters and categories. A lot of clients.

Cons: The platform strongly favours old users, the whole algorithm is lacking. It’s based solely on likes and follows. People with a high number of followers easily get to the front of the timeline, the others don’t stand a chance. Quantity usually takes precedence over quality. The Challange page is very rarely used, and quite poor user experience. Design is also out of date.

SOLUTION: Create a platform based on a very strong algorithm and logic that will put the quality of the work first. Challange feature.



Pros: A very good algorithm used for searching through similar categories. A vast number of different interesting solutions. It’s a paradise for those that are creative types. It’s very simple to create, also to pin your own galleries. With decent speed, and a perfect usability.

Cons: Platform seems bland, and doesn’t have a good profile filtering. Link intermediary. Good for inspiration, but not so much for business.

SOLUTION: Simplifying the storage of projects in galleries, and simplifying the search of similar works. Search which is based on a visual similarity.



Pros: Enormous popularity, with a vast number of people. Influencers with a high number of followers.

Cons: Portfolio limitations. Users not able to customize their own profiles. A very low organic reach, and the users have to pay for advertisements. A tremendous focus solely on the likes.

SOLUTION: “Moving” the likes, or hiding them, removing them from the central focus to the secondary focus.

POV, How Might We, Appmap

The sentence which represents the ‘’point of view’’ of everything we have managed gather and learn:

The above quote was the basis for asking the following questions starting with ‘’How can we?’’, which helped in our idea making process:

  • How might we create logic in an algorithm that does not favour designers with a large number of likes or follows?
  • How might we put “likes” in a second plan?
  • How might we create a challenge page? Gamification of the challenge page?
  • How might we create logic related to the advanced search? Search by similar categories? (designer project or style)
  • How might we improve their communication, and which factors influence the establishment of high-quality communication?
  • How might we encourage the registration of premium paid users? Premium paid designers and premium paid clients?

We have divided the entire app in a few bigger parts, then formed the general MVP with a few main functionalities, and finally started with the idea making process and combining it with one big Appmap with the flow.

MVP, Wireframes and UI Design

One of the biggest challenges of the project was the limited short period. Wireframes were done relatively quickly, and immediately after the initial testing we switched to UI Design MVP. The focu was on the several main pages where Home was the most challenging. It demanded designing of a timeline and a business model with the premium users.

The Results, What I

It was a very interesting project, great communication, however not-so-great timeframe. We achieved great results without a lot of testing. Positive comments we gained confirm all of this. Throughout the design, the business model has not been neglected. The design has affected the increase in conversion among premium users. I’ve given my maximum, and it always feels good to be able to admit that in the end! There is still a lot of room for development and for the improvement of the platform! I can’t wait for the cooperation to continue!

What I Learned: Having to include usability testing in the process at all costs! Also having to require more time from the client, for idea development and a more detailed development of characteristics and functionality.





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